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16 May 2007 @ 05:06 pm

So I was sitting in the office right? Nick went to get groceries, or get more chapstick, something like that. Yeah, well that's not the point. ANYWAY.

This guy comes to the door and I ask who it is because he might be a murderer, right? You never know.

He's all "I'm here from Vogue Magazine." Wow! I thought. That's amazing!

"Cool!" I yelled back at him. But Nick tells me never to open the door to people, because murderers can even be old ladies. But that's crazy, because Oldbag was a TOTAL nutcase and SHE wasn't a murderer. But even so I obeyed him.

After a minute the guy says "Are you gonna let me in?"

And I say "no", of course!

So then he goes "uhh, okay, if you want a subscription, here's a card you can fill out... uh... yeah..."

And I got this AWESOME little square piece of construction paper with this picture of a magazine on it! He slipped it underneath the door! How cool, right?
larry_butz on June 2nd, 2007 02:00 am (UTC)
Boy your lucky. I just have to steal those things whenever I go to the grocery store, you get them home delivered.... color me jealous.