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lawspace's Journal

A Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban... "myspace".
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* Introduction

Welcome to lawspace! This revolutionary system has just been introduced. However... the concept was introduced and implemented by the chief police. So it hasn't totally caught on yet.

But it has caught on in a different way.

Almost everyone from the Ace Attorney series have heard about the system, and many begin to use it, even Phoenix himself.

They post bulletins, update their profiles, and even leave... er... interesting comments on each other's profiles.

But they can't do it without you.

Play their parts. Think Odoroki has something against Phoenix? Think Ema stalks Miles? Think Gant has a thing for... Oldbag? Comment them. Post bulletins about them.

Prove the gossip wrong [or right]. Has a false gossip announcement [see below] been posted about your character? Hastily post a bulletin and make an... alibi. Is the gossip true, or in your favor? Tell everyone!

Add friends... or enemies. Add characters to your friends or enemies list.

Make a profile. Customize your "profile" and check out what people say about you.

And a whole bunch more!

1.) Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. A typo here or there is a-okay [we're only human!], but chatspeaking and lazy spellings even if you think it's "in character" is unacceptable.
2.) If you're dropping a character, post it on the applications entry.
3.) You can be funny, but not OOC.
4.) If you want to make a community like this for a different fandom, ask me first.
5.) If you've read the rules, where the application says "what the..." say 'banana' if you're female, and 'oranges' if you're male. :]

* Bulletins and Gossip Announcements

Bulletins are used to post information. How was your character's day? Get a nasty message from someone? Make a new lawspace friend? Enemy? Rant or rave about anything.


Make an LJ-CUT [how make one: go here to find out ] and then post your bulletin after it!

Gossip Announcements: To keep everything going strong, I will post Gossip Announcements. This means that I will post a "rumor" about some character [ie. Franziska is dating Phoenix; Maya has a secret admirer; Gumshoe actually got a raise].
If it's about your character, decide if it's true or not. And, do you think your character would like it? How would they react? Post a bulletin about it.

* Profiles and Adding Friends/Enemies

Profiles are how others post comments about you! Once you are approved, POST ON THE COMMUNITY JOURNAL with the following guideline:

Add any graphics, movies, pictures of your character, etc. that you'd like!

Keep in mind this is your character's profile. Be in character! :]

Adding Friends is simple. Add the character journal as your character journal's friend, and then add their name to your friends list on your profile..
Adding Enemies is a little different. For this, you must post a comment on that character's profile saying you're adding them to your enemies... and then add their name to the enemies list on your profile.

* Private Messages

Private messages can be used to talk character-to-character. Do this by first making a random entry in your character journal. Then go to here and under "screen comments from" choose "everyone". This allows you to be the only one to see other's messages to you.

To reply, do NOT reply to the comment on your entry! Instead, comment at the other character's journal. They should also have comments screened.

* Applying

To apply, go here.

* Note
I am in no way a myspace addict. In fact, I despise it.

If lawspace was real, however, I'D be an addict. :D

* Taken Characters

Phoenix Wright taken by flail [Character journal: cheapbluesuit Profile: here]
Maya Fey taken by xxmyfearsmylies [Character journal: mayathefey, profile: here ]
Miles Edgeworth taken by visual_elegance [Character journal: m_edgeworth, profile coming soon]
Larry Butz taken by icequeenkitty [Character journal: larry_butz, profile: here]
Dick Gumshoe taken by katbell [Character journal and profile coming soon]
Franziska von Karma taken by desboo [Character journal: f_vonkarma, profile: here]
Pearl Fey taken by penguins_queen [Character journal: pearly_fey profile: here ]
Godot/Souryuu Kaminogi taken by gingitsune_kahi [Character journal: godotloevcoffee profile: here]

Case 5: Rise From the Ashes
Damon Gant taken by gefrierpunkt [Character journal: damon_a_gant profile: here]
Ema Skye taken by kiku [Character journal: skyentifically, profile coming soon]
Lana Skye taken by elly_marion [Character journal and profile coming soon]
Jake Marshall taken by tazeredtiger [Character journal: marshallaw profile: here]